Deep Sleep CLOUD Pillow With Washable Pillowcase Cover

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  • Having Trouble Sleeping At Night Due A Bad Quality Pillow?

  • Do You Wake Up Still Feeling Lethargic & Unmotivated To Start The Day?

  • Experiencing Frequent Migraines, Neckaches & Backaches Even After A Full Night's Rest?

  • Finding A Good Pillow Will Not Only Improve The Overall Quality Of Your Sleep, But It Can Also Help You To Avoid Neck And Back Problems. Here Is How We Can Help.

The Deep Sleep Addiction 3D Pillow Is An Innovative Product Which Will Greatly Help You With The Following:

  • Getting That Undisturbed and Good Night's Sleep Leaving You Fresh & Ready To Go In The Morning 

  • Drastically Reduce The Amount Of Tossing And Turning At Night Before You Finally Fall Asleep. With This Product, You Will Feel Relaxed & Fall Asleep In No Time!

  • Reduce Or Eliminate The Feeling Of Neck Or Back Strain As It Helps With Your Sleeping Posture During Your Sleep

Product Features:

  • Soft and Comfortable Auxiliary Pillow
    With All-round Sleep Pillow, you'll be more likely to feel as if you've set it down on a soft cloud of comfortable material that can support your head, neck, and shoulders throughout the night.
  • Supportive Egg Groove Design
    Resulted in the groove in the center it holds and supports your head and neck at an ideal height for sleep. Meanwhile, the higher curves that surround this groove will help keep your head and neck in this ideal position so they don't wiggle about and become stiff or sore.
  • Breathable to Have A Cool and Dry Sleep

    This Sleep Pillow is so well-ventilated that it won't make you hot and sweaty while you sleep. You may not feel the urgent need to hurry to the shower and wash off excess sweat if that's something you normally do.

  • Fits Any Sleeping Position
    It's not necessary that you stay on your back, as the pillow will accommodate side sleepers and stomach sleepers, too. After you've laid down and chosen your sleeping position, the pillow will begin to gently conform to the shape of your head and upper body. 
  • Lie Down For Sound Sleep
    All-round Sleep Pillow will cradle and support your head and neck by evenly dispersing the weight of those body parts throughout your entire pillow. For virtually all sleepers, this will enhance your comfort level as you sleep, and thereby help you sleep soundly.


1. Put it in a pillowcase;

2. Position the pillow on your bed;

3. Lie down and place your head into the round groove in its center.


MATERIALCotton+Foam Particle
  • 242G
(L X W X H)
  • 50 × 30 × 10 cm
  • 1 × All-round Sleep Pillow

So what can you expect after getting your hands on these amazingly functional product?
  • Sleepless Nights Will Be A Thing Of The Past

  • Feeling More Refreshed & Ready to Start Your Day

  • Long-Term Health Benefits Due To Correct Sleeping Posture

STOP Wasting Money On Expensive Boutique Pillows Which Does Nothing Other Than Burning A Hole In Your Pocket. Join Thousand Others Who Have Benefited From Using The Deep Sleep Addiction 3D Pillow. 

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